Tuesday, September 3, 2019



 "Renaissance number1 " oil on panel.  2019 by Gemini.H
It's been several months since I started this painting, (well not the actual painting but the sketches and research for it) then different  things came  my way and I had to stop several times. Now that I'm looking at the painting I can't help but thinking about all the weeks that I didn't work on it, either because the oil painting was very slow at drying  or because I was hired for other work. All of this had an impact on the painting and not necessary in a positive way.
The good thing is that during the process there were several steps that I really enjoyed and that were very helpful in stimulating my creativity, my imagination and to prevent me from occasionally falling into some lazy moments.

The more I draw, the more I want to learn ( of course the more I learn, the more I want to draw), and obviously the more I draw, the more I want to share about it.
Now after these post-painting thoughts, let me give you some explanations about the story behind this painting ( and the few others still to come). A few months ago Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral was on fire. I know all the political nonsense and events around it raised many questions but I'm not here to debate that. Being French and for having walked in front of this monument several times thinking it had always been there and will always be, just like the sun, the sky, the moon...…. and suddenly seeing it on fire and threatening to fall down left me speechless and quite confused.
As someone who has been interested in History since a very young age I really wanted to work on this matter of cultural patrimony slowly falling apart, Notre Dame is a worldwide famous monument, but it's not the only one in danger.

 I could see hundreds of artworks representing the Cathedral on fire, I started to think about what I wanted to depict.
You may know that quote from Gandhi "Be the change you want to see in the world", well even though  I doubt a painting from an unknown artist these days might have a strong impact on the whole planet, what I do know is that representing a disaster and looking at it everyday wouldn't really have a positive impact.
So after a little " brainstorming" with me, myself and I ( it may make you laugh but we don't always agree) , it seemed to me that the growing interest for restoring a patrimony falling appart regardless your own nationality, your own capacity, the place you live, etc.... and just the fact that people decide to gather to rebuild it was more important to me.



Now let me give some details on the thumbnails and research, or sketches.
Sadly and ironically, couple of days after the fire at Notre Dame when thinking about something we take for granted and which suddenly disappear came into my mind I thought about the Amazonian rain forest, I said "sadly and ironically" because I didn't expect that the day I was going to end the first painting of this series the rain forest would be on fire too.

Seeing these images obviously will have an impact on other sketches I have already started to do.
If you have ever been to a museum at rush hour it's always quite fascinating to discreetly listen at people's interpretation of what they  see or understand.
Even if I have given some clues about the story behind this painting, I wonder what you see now, and if you have explanations to the different elements I chose.

If so I would love to hear about them.


     "Renaissance number1 " oil on panel.  2019 by Gemini.H         It's been several months since...