Monday, March 11, 2019

Draw this in your style #2

Im back with a new painting and for this 2nd entry of the Instagram #drawthisinyourstyle challenge, I chose a work by Erin Jaye .
The challenge here was (you may have guessed) this “transparent/jelly/water—y body?!” And because I adore (!!!) going the easiest way I wanted the body to have realistic proportions and keep the transparency from the original concept.
Finding a transparent body wasn’t that simple ( as you can expect) but as a rather crafty person and after several attempts I finally went for a crystal resin mini sculpture as reference once I drew the figure of my character.
This is a very special kind of creature, looking human when she is out of the water but magically transforming as soon as she enters the sea and that’s why I wanted it to be the focus of the illustration so I kept the underwater natural elements a bit blur.

As I worked on a watercolor paper I was able to use a light table to transfer my sketch on the final paper. Then I fixed the detailed pencil drawing with spray and transparent gesso ( warning if you want to use oil painting on such heavy and textures watercolor paper you need to use gesso before to paint or the paper will absorb all the medium and oil)
I like to do a brown tones  underpainting (this time I used watercolor) before to use the oil painting with light layers and keep this “old poster” tint.
Now how should we call this unusual  kind of specimen?

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